Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hope is on the Way!

What a ride it has been since my father was diagnosed- only in September. One day he was bike riding every day after work, the next day he was lying in Overlake hospital recovering from multiple seizures caused by the tumor in his brain. Now in mid-February we are still continuing with the battle. My father is completely bedridden now but we all know he is in excellent care. I've never seen a stronger woman than my mom.  I tell you if everyone in the hospital could receive the treatment my father has been getting at home, there would be some happy patients. I'm so incredibly inspired. And! Great great news!
Today my brother Jesse went with my parents to Vancouver, Canada to see a cancer specialist who treats patients like my father dealing with his type of cancer. The center is called LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care I received a glowing phone call on their way home about all the hope they were given on curing his cancer! The specialist is Dr. Lemmo, Bastyr trained and originally from Seattle. I would love to tell you that every great cancer treatment center in Seattle can help my father, but there are many more solutions to cure cancer than chemo and radiation. Don't get me started on American politics with cancer treatments or the FDA, I could give you an earful.

I also wish I could tell you they were going over to Vancouver BC to watch the Olympics, I truly do!! But due to America's restrictions with certain treatments, they had to seek medical help out of the country to get the treatment my father needs. It doesn't cost any more than the standard treatments we would be settling with in the states, in fact, most of them are less expensive! And guess what!? The survival rates are higher!
More importantly than ever, we couldn't do it alone!!! With your help we are able to continue these medical treatments for my father and I couldn't be more excited and thrilled at the outpouring of your generous support for my father's treatments! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm still planning a fundraiser! Thank you all for wanting to help! I will be in touch soon!




  1. Thank you, Melissa, for keeping up this blog so that we can pray and support your family...and for giving us practical ways to help. Your dad is blessed with an incredible family...that is obvious.

  2. Thank you Melissa,
    I really appreciate the the updates on CaringBridges and this. I am keeping you all in my prayers for continued faith, support and strength.